Biographies & Documents

Don Knapp, Board President

Angelina Velez-Reyes, Board Secretary

Haregewoin Weledmariam, Board Treasurer

Zikri Arslan, Board Member

School Board Calendar

School Board Announcements

Board meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm and the public is always welcome to attend. A time for public comment is always placed on the agenda of Board meetings. If a parent wishes to make a comment or suggestion to the Board of Directors, they may do so at the open forum session of these meetings.
Our standards for open forum are:
The Board is desirous to hear the comments of the community.  We invite you to address the Board concerning relevant, school-related issues.  Public comment is not designed to be a two-way conversation, and members of the board will generally not respond to comments or questions. However, follow-up will take place as deemed appropriate. No charges or complaints against individuals shall be made. Such concerns are better handled through the school’s grievance process. Defamatory or abusive remarks or profanity shall be considered out of order and shall not be tolerated. 

 If a large group of participants wish to give the same opinion or speak to the same topic, the board may ask that a representative be appointed to share said opinion. The school board may choose to limit the Public Comment to 20 minutes for sake of time. Thank you for participating in our Public Comment.