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To achieve our mission, each member of the Lotus School for Excellence community must respect the rights of others. This means creating an environment that is physically, emotionally and intellectually safe, orderly, and conducive to learning.  The information in this handbook provides guidelines necessary to create a positive environment in which each student, parent, and teacher can contribute and grow.

Student Rights

  • To feel safe in the school environment.
  • To take full advantage of learning opportunities.
  • To learn in an environment free from disruptions.
  • To respectfully express his/her opinions, ideas, thoughts, and concerns.
  • To have a healthy environment that is smoke, alcohol, and drug free.
  • To use school resources and facilities for self-betterment with appropriate supervision.
  • To expect courtesy, fairness and respect from all members of the community
  • To be informed of all expectations and responsibilities.
  • To take part in a variety of school activities.
  • To have the right to due process.

Student Responsibilities

  • To treat all members of the school community with respect, fairness, and courtesy.
  • To be caring and honest.
  • To do his or her best to master all that he or she can.
  • To respect school rules, regulations, and policies.
  • To be sure that personal expression does not interfere with the rights of others.
  • To follow laws and school policies concerning substance abuse.
  • To respect and protect school property, the property of others, and your own personal property.
  • To meet the expectations of the school community.
  • To refrain from vulgar language and gestures.
  • To follow the prescribed guidelines for participation in school activities.
  • To adhere to due process procedures.
  • Complete satisfactorily and return homework, assignments and projects on time.
  • Maintain passing grades in all classes.
  • Participate in tutoring sessions as needed.

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