Lotus School Uniform Policy

Uniforms are important in creating a safe and focused learning environment. The purpose of a uniform is to reduce distraction and disciplinary problems, to deemphasize fashion concerns, and promote school pride. Uniforms also make syudents and visitors more identifiable, creating a more safe and secure school building. Enrollment at LSE constitutes acceptance and adherence to the dress requirements and disciplinary measures that may be employed to assure consistent compliance. The first uniform offense will result in a warning that must be signed by the parent. Thereafter, the student may be sent home for inappropriate dress. Remember: If it is not listed as acceptable, it is not allowed.

General Guidelines

  • Uniform must be kept clean and neat. No tears or rips will be acceptable.
  • Very tight (molded to the body shape) / revealing clothing or exposed undergarments will not be permitted.
  • Unless mandated by a creed or religious belief, hats, caps, and scarves may not be worn in the building.
  • Studded jewelry, large wallets, or chains that hang on clothing are not permitted.
  • Belts are required. Belts must be in the basic colors of brown, navy, black, or khaki. Buckles must be plain.
  • All necklaces, for the sake of safety, must be worn inside the uniform and be school appropriate. Facial and body piercings are not acceptable. Girls and boys may wear small, stud earrings. For safety concerns, no hoops or wires or large earrings will be allowed.
  • Visible tattoos are not acceptable. Should you have a tattoo, ensure it is covered while at school.
  • Hair is not to be extreme, e.g, no Mohawks, spikes, or colors that are not natural and no “Punk Look.”
  • Sunglasses are not allowed to be worn inside the building in any form.
  • Parents' notes will not excuse infractions of the school rules.


  • We suggest having at least four uniform tops that fit well. Students must wear official LSE polo shirts, which are available in short or long sleeves.
  • Outerwear that is worn for warmth to and from school, and at outside recess, is not considered a uniform item. Any sweatshirts or hoodies worn inside the building must be purchased from LSE and feature the LSE logo.
  • If a student wears an LSE sweatshirt or hoodie, s/he must wear a uniform polo shirt underneath the sweatshirt, and the polo must remain tucked in at all times.
  • Any additional shirt worn underneath the uniform shirt must be the same color as the uniform shirt, with no patterns, designs, or stripes (in other words, solid color). Undershirts may not fit larger than the LSE polo.
  • Students must be able to reach above their heads without revealing their midriff.
  • Shirts may not be excessively baggy and may not fall more than 1 inch below the hips.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times in the building and on the school grounds.
  • Students must be in uniform on the school campus.


  • Students must wear khaki or navy blue uniform-style bottoms which may be purchased at any local store. Boys may wear pants or shorts and girls may wear pants, shorts, capri pants, or skirts.
  • Short shorts or skirts are not allowed. Shorts and skirts must touch the kneecap.
  • Pants, shorts, or skirts must have a waistband that fits around the natural waist. Pants 1 inch below the waistline are considered sagging and not allowed. Pants that can be pulled more than 3” from the waist are not allowed. (no low riding or sagging)
  • No Corduroy
  • Pants must be in navy blue or khaki.
  • No pants, shorts, or skirts that are frayed at the bottom
  • No baggy pants or bell-bottoms (Pants whose inseam or outer seam can be pinched more than 3” from the middle of the thigh and/or middle of the calf)
  • No cargo pants
  • No sweat pants, pajamas or nylon pants
  • No spandex-type, athletic, or breakaways pants
  • All bottoms except skirts must have belt loops.
  • Belts must be worn with all bottoms, except skirts.
  • No logos
  • No Denim

Shoes/ Socks

  • Shoes must be worn at all times
  • All shoes must be closed toes.
  • All shoes must be worn in a conservative style
  • No slippers or flip-flops
  • All shoes must be free of lights and wheels
  • No heels or platforms higher than 1” to 1 ½”
  • Socks must be in basic colors of white, brown, navy, black, or khaki.
Parents are strongly encouraged to write their child’s name on the inside tag of all uniform clothes, especially elementary parents. PE Uniform for grades 6 and up: LSE students must wear LSE PE uniforms which are sold at school. Top is a gray crew neck t-shirt with logo and the bottom is navy blue shorts with school logo on them. Art Classes: To keep their uniforms clean, students should bring a loose shirt to wear during art classes.


Free Dress days are earned at the discretion of the administration. These days are granted at different times of the year for positive behavior and special occasions. On free dress days, clothing must be in good taste and appropriate for school. Clothing should not be form fitting, revealing, or see through. Students will be sent home when they violate free dress day requirements and eligibility and parents will be contacted. Students who try to take advantage of free dress days (e.g. although they are not eligible, they attempt to come to school in non-uniform clothing) will not be allowed on the school campus until they wear their uniforms, and further disciplinary action will be taken.
  • The school’s dress code is strictly enforced during free dress days as well. All students must follow the same guidelines with the exception of not wearing their uniform.
  • Nice T-shirts are acceptable; however printing must be suitable for school, no inappropriate image(s) or language may be displayed.
  • Miniskirts and short shorts are not allowed. Shorts and skirts must touch the kneecap.
  • Jeans may be worn during free dress days but cannot be tight fitting, baggy, or have frayed bottoms
  • Pants have to be appropriately sized and should not have holes.
  • No midriffs, backless or side less shirts or dresses, halter-tops, or tank tops are allowed.
  • Hats, gloves, bandanas, or sunglasses are not permitted.
  • Neatness and good grooming is required.
  • Pocket chains will not be allowed.
  • Shoulders must be covered.
  • Extreme hairstyles (Mohawks or designs) are not allowed.
  • Anyone in violation of the “Dress Code” will be sent home to change.
  • Parents will be called to pick-up their student to change and conform to the “Dress Code” or the student will not be admitted back to the classroom. No Exceptions.
Theme Free Dress Days: The school may occasionally offer a free dress day centered around a specific theme. Students must wear the majority of their outfit fitting the theme or parents will be called to bring his/her uniform. If parents are unavailable, students will be issued a consequence.

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