Lotus School Uniform Policy


LSE enforces a strong uniform policy. The purpose of this policy is to 1) aid in the creation of a safe and orderly environment; 2) instill discipline; and 3) eliminate the competition and distractions, often caused by varied dress styles. 

Students are expected to arrive in uniform every day. Students are expected to cooperate, display modesty and neatness, and take pride in their uniform. We rely on a student’s common sense and their parent’(s) and/or guardian’(s) support in maintaining their uniform. 

  • If a student arrives to school out of uniform, their parents will be called and kept out of class until they are dressed appropriately. If the parents cannot be reached by 8:00 a.m., a detention will be issued. 
  • A second occurrence will result in an automatic detention. 
  • All class time missed will count as an unexcused absence. 


All Lotus School for Excellence students are to wear shirts with logo at all times while on campus. 

High School Student (9th - 12th grade) 

  • Black Polo shirt
  • School sweatshirt 
  • Senior customized sweatshirt (Seniors only) 
  • Class/Club/Team customized Spirit t-shirt* (*Only worn on Spirit Fridays.) 

Middle School Student (6th - 8th grade) 

  • Blue Polo shirt
  • School Sweatshirt 
  • Class/Club/Team customized spirit t-shirts* (*Only worn on Spirit Fridays.) 

Students must wear their Lotus polo even if they are wearing a Lotus sweatshirt. 



High School Student (9th - 12th grade) 

  • Khaki colored pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts (at or below knee length).
  • Shorts, skirts and skorts are to be at knee length or longer, even when worn with tights. 
  • No jeans, cargo (side pockets), or capri pants or joggers (elastic pants). 
  • Pants must be proper size, large sagging pants and pants that are too tight are not permitted. 

Middle School Student (6th - 8th grade) 

  • Navy Blue pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts 
  • Shorts, skirts and skorts are to be at knee length or longer, even when worn with tights. 
  • No jeans, cargo (side pockets), or capri pants or joggers (elastic pants). 
  • Pants must be proper size, large sagging pants and pants that are too tight are not permitted.


  • Belts - plain black, white, blue or brown Large belts and buckles are not allowed. 
  • Belts must fit properly and not hang down when buckled. Belts are not required but encouraged. 


  • Shoes - It is never ok to wear opened toe shoes or flip flops on school grounds at any time. 
  • Fluorescent colored shoes are not allowed. 
  • Tights and Leggings- Plain black, white, navy or khaki are allowed. Tights may NOT be used as pants in any shape or form. 
  • Socks - plain black, white, navy or khaki Socks or tights must be worn. No fish nets or torn tights 
  • Sandals, clogs, high heels (more than 1.5”), open toed/open heeled, or platform shoes are NOT allowed. Hiking boots or snow boots may be worn to and from school during inclement weather, or brought as directed when going on a field trip. 
  • Snow boots can worn, but must be all black or brown, ankle high and kept inside the pant leg 


  • Top - Gray t-shirt with student’s last name 
  • Bottoms - Navy 9” mesh/cotton shorts or navy cotton sweatpants with student’s name 
  • Shoes - Athletic type, such as cross-trainers or running shoes are encouraged and must be approved by the teacher. Skate shoes will not be allowed. 
  • Shoes will be required to be securely laced for the safety of all students. 
  • Socks - are required. 


Students must wear school appropriate clothing, which means shirts with inappropriate pictures or sayings, spaghetti strap dresses or shirts, pocket chains, shirts that reveal mid driffs or cleavage, too tight of clothes, and dirty or torn clothing are NOT acceptable and will require a change to appropriate clothing or receive a detention. Repeated offenses will result in increased consequences. Changes are at the administration’s discretion. 

On theme free dress days: Students must wear the majority of their outfit fitting the theme or parents will be called to bring his/her uniform or if parents are unavailable, student will receive a detention. Students will sit out of class until parents arrive with the student’s uniform. 

Students will need to change into their uniform, call home to have parents bring their uniform or stay in detention for the remainder of the day. Repeat of this behavior will not be tolerated. Wearing open toed or heel shoes on free dress days is also not acceptable. Socks must be worn. 

Students are responsible for paying attention to school announcements and information sent home regarding free dress and criteria. 

Students on any probation will not be allowed to participate in free dress, unless otherwise stated by the administration. 

Students wearing free dress while on probation will be issued a consequence for the first offense, second offense will result in a conference with the parent/guardian and jeopardizing the student’s enrollment at LSE. 


LSE requires that students adhere to the following guidelines relative to their personal appearance. 

PE clothing must be of an appropriate size to allow for vigorous exercise and movement. 



  • Lotus School for Excellence Shirts must be worn at all times. No exceptions. To keep their uniforms clean, students are encouraged to bring a loose fitting, plain white or colored shirt (school appropriate) to wear during art class. 
  • Shirts are to be tucked in at all times 
  • Long sleeved undershirts are allowed as long as they’re solid school colors. 
  • Any shirt worn under the school uniform shirt must be of a plain neutral color. 
  • Sweatshirts must be worn properly, not on arms or around the waist. 


Personal Appearance (detention offenses) 

  • Jewelry and accessories are to be minimal, appropriate for school and not attract undo attention. 
  • Jewelry that makes noise is unacceptable. 
  • All necklaces, for the sake of safety, must be worn inside the uniform and be school appropriate. 
  • Cosmetics should be appropriate for school and not attract undue attention. 
  • Facial and body piercing are not acceptable. Girls and boys may wear “small, stud earrings.” For safety concerns, no hoops or wires, gauges or large earrings will be allowed. 
  • Visible tattoos are not acceptable. Should you have a tattoo, ensure it is covered while at school. 
  • Hair is not to be extreme, e.g., no Mohawks, faux hawks, spikes or colors that are not natural, and no “Punk Look.” No two-toned hair. 
  • Feathers, large flowers, anything distracting are not allowed to be worn in the hair. 
  • Boys are allowed beards, mustaches, goatees or long sideburns as long as hair is neatly trimmed. 
  • Any extra “fad” type items, sweatbands, arm wraps, scarves for belts, studded or spiked belts, etc. are unacceptable. 
  • Parent notes will not excuse infractions of the school rules. 
  • No writing is allowed on non P.E. uniforms or skin. 
  • Uniforms must be kept clean and neat 
  • No tears or rips will be acceptable. 
  • No skulls are allowed on any backpacks or clothes at any time 
  • Detentions will be given for infractions. Repeated infractions will result in more severe consequences. 
  • Any fads that occur that are deemed disruptive will be banned. 

For additional information, please review the student handbook which is made available on this website for your convenience. 

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