Lotus Students Demonstrate Rapid Growth


After Spring testing of Star Reading and Star Math, a computer based adaptive test, Lotus Students improved by 1.8 Grade Equivalent (GE) Level in Math and 1.5 GE in Reading Schoolwide. Average US students improve 1 GE per year. 

Star Testing is done 5 times a year. Students' progress is monitored throughout the year and instructions are tailored to students needs. Star Tests are adaptive which means as your student answers a question correctly, the level of the next question will be higher and if s/he answers incorrectly, the level of the next question will be slightly lower. The test finds the level of the student and provides us a clear picture of what your student knows.  

Here are the top growing grades in Math and Reading:

Secondary Math Growth in GE Elementary Math Growth in GE 
9th Grade 5 GE 5th Grade 2.1 GE
11th Grade 4.4 GE 4th Grade 1.8 GE
12th Grade 4 GE 2nd Grade 1.4 GE
Secondary Reading Growth in GE
Elementary Reading Growth in GE 
8th Grade 1.7 GE
5th Grade 1.7 GE
7th Grade 1.6 GE
4th Grade 1.3 GE
6th, 9th, 11th, 12th Grades 1.5 GE


Congratulations to all students and teachers for their hard work to accomplish this great success!

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