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The Lotus School for Excellence board was established in August 2003 in Aurora through the efforts of local parents and a group of community activists who believe in the significance of education and who are committed to enhancing educational opportunities for science, math and technology for our community.

The founding team, being a blend of educators, scientists, engineers and businessmen, brings their experiences from different parts of the world where students are encouraged and pursue rigorous math, science and technology education and careers.

Lotus School for Excellence is dedicated to the construction, discovery, dissemination and application of knowledge in education. For this purpose, LSE aims to provide high quality academic, professional, and applied technology learning opportunities designed to advance the intellectual, cultural, social, and economic well-being of the citizens of Aurora and the adjacent community.

LSE values and utilizes the strengths of a diverse society for the development of education by encouraging communication and interaction of school, parents, community, business and university. LSE also aims to stimulate our students to consider the educational options in higher education. CCA early college program and Colorado MESA are two examples of many partnerships LSE has established. To this end, LSE organizes and supports cultural, scientific, and educational activities, including tutoring sessions, cultural exhibits, education forums, and interdisciplinary seminars.

It is the responsibility of LOTUS SCHOOL FOR EXCELLENCE INC. which is a non-profit organization, in alliance with the community to guide LSE as it seeks to fulfill its mission. The board will support LOTUS SCHOOL FOR EXCELLENCE in ways that ensure optimal conditions for the achievement and continuing growth and development of each student. LSE board will be working with CDE, Aurora Public Schools, and Colorado League of Charter Schools in the process of establishing the school.

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